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I had a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction in Lithuania, clinic NordEsthetics. The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. I am very positive about how quickly I got answers. Some days my questions were answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Would recommend this to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Diana, Sweden

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Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery abroad  

The tummy tuck price in our clinic is from £ 1.875 (€ 2.500).
Mini tummy tuck in our clinic costs from £ 1.500 (€ 2.000).

Also recognized as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck eliminates extra fat and skin and rebuilds weakened or separated muscles leading to a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.

Even patients of normal body weight can have a tummy that hangs out or is sagging loose due to pregnancy, senescence, high instability of weight, genetics and other factors.

Patients who are thinking of significant weight loss or women who are thinking of future pregnancies should delay abdominoplasty surgery.

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  Kavita's plastic surgery in Lithuania   British patient Kavita tells her story about plastic surgery in our clinic - her decision to choose the surgery, arrival in Lithuania, and her overall experience abroad.
Video of plastic surgery in Lithuania  

Virtual tour in our clinic in Lithuania. Plastic surgeon Dr Maslauskas talks about the procedures performed here: liposuction, fat transfer, tummy tuck, breast lift, etc.


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Things to Know about Tummy Tuck


  • It takes approximately 1 to 5 hours
  • A general aesthetic is provided
  • Can be combined with liposuction, hernia repair and hysterectomy

Who qualify for tummy tuck?

  • Patient is physically healthy and at a steady weight
  • Patient has realistic expectations
See before-after pictures

before and after pictures

Preparation for the surgery

  • No alcohol or cigarettes for at least 2 weeks before the procedure
  • Blood test before the surgery
  • No using of blood thinning medications
  • Examination of your abdomen while the patient is lying down as well as standing

Recovery after abdominoplasty

  • The day after the procedure you will be advised to get out of bed for short walks. You will be advised to sleep on your back with a tissue underneath your knees
  • Any surgical drains will be taken out within a week following the procedure. You will be advised to wear a support robe for several weeks.
  • Stitches will be taken out step by step over a term of thereabout one or two weeks
  • The bruising and much of the edema will vanish over a term of weeks. Numbness over portions of the abdominal region may stay for several months
  • You will be able to get back to non-difficult work from one to three weeks after the procedure
  • No sexual activity for a minimum of two weeks
  • The incision lines will stay permanently visible


  • Firmer and flatter abdomen
  • Better psychological state


  • Bleeding, infection
  • Necrosis along portions of the horizontal incision
  • Fluid storage under the skin


  • A horizontal incision is performed just within or above the pubic region. The longitude of the incision, which prolongs laterally toward the pelvic bones, depends on the quantity of the skin to be eliminated.
  • If a patient has loose skin above the belly button, the doctor makes a second incision around the belly button. An extra abdominal skin is then eliminated. The location of the belly button stays unchanged.
  • Skin of the lower abdomen that possesses stretch marks may be eliminated as well. Any persisting stretch marks may be partly smoothened and improved.
  • The surgery may involve tightening of the underlying abdominal muscles using sutures.
  • When the quantity of loose skin is minimal and the extra fat storages are located below the belly button, a small horizontal incision is all that is needed. This surgery is recognized as a partial or "mini" abdominoplasty.
  • Endoscopic abdominoplasty is another plastic surgery technique for making scars as less visible as possible and may be useful when individuals have only a minor quantity of extra fat and muscle looseness.