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UK certified surgeons

  • Certified in the UK, Denmark, and Sweden
  • Speak fluent English
  • Do more than 1,200 surgeries per year
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Tanya, UK

I reached a point in life no matter how hard I tried doing work out I could not shift the fat. I started my journey into looking for clinic in UK and abroad... It took me 6 months to find one I was happy with.

I contacted your clinic got a response back straight away what was good was English speaking staff. Advice I received I was happy with I checked the surgeons out was happy with all the checks. This was my biggest decision I had to make after you hear stories of surgery going wrong abroad. I put my faith into your clinic booked my procedure.  

Throughout my care I was greeted made feel at ease I could not wished for a better clinic service and level of care I received was outstanding.  

I had liposuction on my body even with the swellings I can see the results I was speechless with happy emotions. I thank the whole team that has made my dream come true I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

I'm wishing you all the best if I have any more procedures I want to have I will be back. If anyone is looking to have surgery abroad please look no more this is the best.

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From about the age of 17 I’ve never had a really flat stomach, I got diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and held a lot of weight on my tummy, and after having a baby and putting on an extra 5 stone being pregnant my belly was at its worst.

I knew despite losing weight I’d always be left with a big belly which had been stretched, and feared losing weight would make it look worse and more saggy..

I struggled to wear clothes to hide the belly and try to disguise it the best I could, and with a holiday coming up which I was dreading because of my belly I knew it had to be done, so I did my research and came across a few clinics and emailed them.

Cost wise these were the cheapest but that wasn’t the main issue, I had a very fast response and spoke to Agne every day (and nearly all day long) for about 2 weeks before I finally paid… She answered every question, every doubt and put my mind at ease. I knew everything I needed to know and was well prepared. I travelled to Lithuania alone and was not one bit nervous, I was actually very excited. I got to the airport and as soon as I walked towards the exit I could see a lady holding a piece of paper with my name on. They took me to the hotel which was lovely, and only cost 30 Euros a day, it was spotless and the staff very helpful. A few hours later they picked me back up and took me to the clinic for blood tests, I was surprised and glad to see how busy they were with many other people having different treatments done. All staff in the clinic spoke good English and can’t fault them one bit. Everything went so smoothly, and was explained all the way through.

I woke up and wasn’t in as much pain as expected (after having a c section I thought it was going to be as bad if not worse) as I had full tummy tuck with muscle tightening and lipo on the flanks… But I was pleasantly surprised. I could manage fine by myself getting up etc., and day by day was better again, I have healed amazingly with not one problem at all, Dr Kestusis  has done an amazing job and I eventually have a flat stomach! Even with a lot of swelling. I am 3 and a half weeks post op so I can’t wait to see the results in another months time. The incision is very neat in my belly button and across belly, it’s going to be barely visible.

Everyone was worried about me travelling abroad for an operation as you hear so many bad stories but they are all really pleased with my results. I don’t have one bad word to say about any of my experience and know I wouldn’t have had a better job done or any better experience staying in the UK! I would definitely recommend to anyone (in fact I have already) and wouldn’t think twice about going back if I wanted anything else done!!


Jackie, UK

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you all. I had my surgery (arm lift and inner thigh lift) Oct 22nd and came home a few days later. Have just had my stitches out and am over the moon with the results.

The nurse at my local clinic was very impressed with the results. I came alone and was very nervous but after meeting everyone I felt so at ease and truly believed I was going to be in good hands, and I wasn't disappointed.

This is a young clinic, with young staff and surgeons, who have been trained in the very latest techniques. Superb is the word that comes to mind. The clinic is excellent along with the aftercare, and at no extra cost you are picked up and dropped off for all clinic appointments during your stay. They even pick you up from the airport and take you back for your journey home.

Within a very short space of time on my very first visit to the clinic, I saw both the surgeons that are featured in the website video walk in to work. I liked that! It showed me that they were not there just for effect on the website but were fully working surgeons at the clinic.

My surgeon was amazing and I will be thinking of him when I’m walking across the beach in January. I know this is the start of a new and much more confident journey for me. We had a long chat together pre operation about what I was wanting from the surgery and what he could offer me, and he spent a long time doing measurements, etc. He is a perfectionist. Oh and the icing on the cake is two free massages. Heaven!!!!! Thank you so much, will be back in the new year for one last treat to myself.


Diana, Norway

Dear Dr. Maslauskas, Dr. Kaikaris and everyone at the Clinic. Now that I am officially ‘signed off’ I just wanted to write and thank you all so much following my Liposculpture in September. Firstly I am absolutely thrilled with the results – I no longer catch myself in the mirror and sigh and I have bought my first bikini in 20years!

My stomach was so out of proportion with the rest of me that it constantly affected my self-confidence – but not any more!  The difference is fantastic.
Secondly the care you have all given me was wonderful, you were all so reassuring and friendly it took all the stress out of the procedure and that meant a lot to me.  It was clear you all really cared about making the procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
Thank you all, Best Wishes.

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