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I had a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction in Lithuania, clinic NordEsthetics. The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. I am very positive about how quickly I got answers. Some days my questions were answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Would recommend this to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Diana, Sweden

Suction-Assisted Liposuction

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Although today there is more than one type of liposuction, no one can deny the advantage of the original procedure. Suction assisted liposuction (SAL) was the first method introduced. Nonetheless the first attempts brought more harm than the benefit it did not stop from improving. As a result, today suction assisted liposuction is among the top choices for body contouring. In addition, it was the starting point for some newer types of liposuction.

The technical part of all types of liposuction is similar. At first, small incisions are placed in the body area you want to adjust. Later small tube called cannula is placed through them under the skin. Cannula is the main device in this type of liposuction. By manipulating it a surgeon separates fat tissue which is removed by suction vacuum. The difference from newer techniques is that there is no need for additional substances or devices.

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Things to Know about SAL

Who qualify?

For the procedure to be successful patients should be of good overall health condition, should be of an average weight or just above it. It is essential that the elasticity of the skin is also in a good state because the skin will shrink flatly after the procedure. Also a patient should not smoke. If quitting seems to hard of a task a person should stop for at least several months before the liposuction.

Preparation for the surgery

A surgeon will introduce you with the main points of the procedure. If you feel insecure about any detail, clear your mind by asking questions. Besides, you will be asked about previous medical conditions and medications you are taking. Eventually, a surgeon will give some instructions concerning lab tests you should undergo and essential changes in lifestyle.

Recovery after the surgery

During the recovery period symptoms such as swelling, bruising, numbness and pain are common. The intensity of them depends on the size of the body areas adjusted and amount of fat removed. Besides, there is a possibility of asymmetry, uneven contours or shapes and changes of pigmentation in surgical area. However,  it is very rare and usually depends not only on surgeon’s qualification but also on the physical features of a patient.

Advantages of the SAL

As it was mentioned, a traditional liposuction is based on manipulation with cannula. The diameter of this device is large enough to remove huge fat masses in short time. That is the reason why SAL is used in correction of large body areas such as abdomen, buttocks or back.

In rare cases the procedure may be performed in order to lose weight. There is a possibility to remove 16 pounds of excessive fat tissue – it is a huge amount even for obese patient. Apart from that, the surgery should go alongside with changes in lifestyle. Strict diet and intensive exercising is essential to prevent lost pounds from returning.

One more quality which attracts patients to choose traditional liposuction is the price. Compared with newer types of liposuction, expanses for SAL might be ten times lower.

If the question rises whether suction assisted liposuction should be written off, there would be no answer for now. Every case is individual and requires evaluation of a specialist who will advise the best type of liposuction for you.