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I had a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction in Lithuania, clinic NordEsthetics. The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. I am very positive about how quickly I got answers. Some days my questions were answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Would recommend this to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Diana, Sweden

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Smart liposuction (SmartLipo™), also called Smart Lipo, is a step forward from traditional liposuction techniques. It is popular with many men and women.  It can be beneficial in eliminating excess fat from body parts which are resistant to diet and also physical exercise. Furthermore, the procedure can be done for eliminating excess fat out of even smaller areas. Laser beam, which is used in liposuction procedure, additionally will help tighten up the skin and provide a sleeker overall look in the cured areas. Just like other methods of liposuction, it should not be considered an alternative for weight loss. It is basically useful to assist contour your body and give a slimming outcome after weight loss.

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Things to Know about Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo procedure

Smart liposuction is known as a method of much less invasive surgery treatment compared to more standard types of liposuction. Smart lipo procedure uses a method termed laser lipolysis. It makes use of lasers to break down body fat cellular material, liquefying all of them for simpler and easier elimination. During the procedure, a cannula is placed into a tiny incision in the affected area. The cannula beams out the laser through the cellular material. Once the body fat has become liquefied, it is then simply vacuumed out. Then the incision is sutured. The remaining body fat is normally excreted over the human body's natural waste products system. Smart Lipo minimizes blood loss, uses a tiny incision, is extremely accurate, and features a quick healing period. The treatment does not require sedation or general anaesthesia. It is done just with the use of regional anaesthesia.

Advantages of Smart Lipo

Scientific studies in addition have demonstrated that smart liposuction is much more comfortable in comparison with older techniques of liposuction because of the laser beam plugging off the blood vessels through the destruction in the body fat tissues, therefore at the end of the treatment sutures are usually not needed and also there is certainly much less inflammation, bruising and haemorrhaging compared to standard liposuction. Smart liposuction makes significantly less scarring damage as compared with classic types of liposuction. It can be described as much less invasive treatment, relatively risk-free and also little recovery time is needed for the recovery. Smart liposuction is also more affordable in comparison to more standard techniques of surgical treatment.

Disadvantages of Smart Lipo

The only negative aspect of smart liposuction compared with the traditional technique of liposuction is that it may take a little while for the results to become visible. It usually takes up to 12 months before the total results are noticed.