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I had a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction in Lithuania, clinic NordEsthetics. The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. I am very positive about how quickly I got answers. Some days my questions were answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Would recommend this to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Diana, Sweden

Power Assisted Liposuction

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In the field of plastic surgery almost always there has been a goal to develop simpler and more secure ways of improving the body. This research led to major discoveries of various methods for each cosmetic procedure. Liposuction has also gone through many unique technological innovations. Among the latest methods is power assisted liposuction or simply PAL.

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Things to Know about PAL

Traditional liposuction vs Power assisted liposuction

Liposuction is classically done applying tubes known as cannula. The cosmetic surgeons place the cannula into the body via an incision and use to break up body fat cells prior to suctioning it out from the body. Nevertheless, jerking a cannula all-around within the body fat may cause injury to the surrounding tissues. Using human hands is not the most efficient way of breaking down the body fat. However, PAL is.

The cannula applied to power assisted liposuction (also known as PAL) comes with a unique system that causes the cannula's tip to vibrate quickly in tiny and accurate motions. As the cosmetic surgeon leads this cannula around unwanted fat deposit, it makes the vibrations break up the fat tissue much more delicately as compared to traditional fat liposuction techniques.

PAL  also breaks up much more fat leading to more sophisticated final results. This method can also be combined with the tumescent liposuction that involves injecting a large amount of liquid anaesthetic to the specific area. Power assisted liposuction cannot simply increase the amount of extra fat eliminated through surgical treatment, additionally, it may reduce the amount of time an individual spends in surgical procedures. Less surgical procedure time usually means much less anaesthetic plus a reduced possibility of contamination or some other severe complications. PAL is actually more secure compared to classic liposuction mainly because its gentle vibrations don't jeopardize surrounding tissues.

Medical data and research

Scientific studies done by Tulane University evaluating power assisted liposuction to regular liposuction techniques have demonstrated that power assisted liposuction eliminated 30% of additional fat, while at the same time minimizing the healing period as well as bruising.

The power of the vibrations makes PAL ideal for places with dense and also fibrous tissues, for example the male breasts. Power assisted liposuction may also be beneficial in caring for the belly button region and also inner thighs.

Possible complications

Any kind of surgical treatment carries possible general risks. PAL liposuction treatment is not an exception. Some risks are that have been reported but happen infrequently include:

  • Despite the fact that PAL is done using local anaesthetic, in case an excessive amount of anaesthetic is used, lidocaine toxicity can happen.
  • In the same way, when an excessive amount of liquid used throughout the surgical procedure (PAL is generally performed while using tumescent method, where the targeted location is injected with fluids), body fluids can on occasion accumulate inside the lung area (pulmonary edema).

Just like all sorts of liposuction, PAL may result in loose skin or simply blemishes or even aggravate fatty tissue issues.

Patients must always consult with their cosmetic surgeon regarding possible risks and also the problems associated with the treatment.

Nevertheless, due to this exclusive method of vibration, currently power assisted liposuction is among the most secure methods.